Bell brings different perspective to race

Published 7:46 pm Wednesday, May 12, 2010

State Board of Education member Stephanie Bell said she brings unique experience to the Second Congressional District race.

Bell, a Republican, faces Rick Barber, Martha Roby and Beau McKinney in the June 1 primary election. The victor will challenge Democrat incumbent Bobby Bright.

Bell said she has worked hard to make changes in the state’s education system, standing up against public corruption, the Amendment 1 tax and voting with a “proven” conservative record. In March of last year, while serving in her fifth BOE term, she decided it was time for changes on a much larger scale.

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“In March of last year I was motivated to run because the Obama administration was looking at a complete takeover,” Bell said.

And if elected, Bell said she wants to put an end to that “takeover.”

“I want to change the direction of education and change the direction of the country,” she said. “Health care, illegal immigration — we need to secure our borders — have a strong defense with the military and ensure small businesses not only survive but thrive.”

Bell said health care and education are the issues she sees as the top two in this election year.

But they aren’t the only ones, she said.

“Health care and education, cutting taxes and other government regulations — it all really works together,” she said. “I want to take a strong stand on securing our borders. We need to build a strong military because without national security we don’t have to worry about the other. If you have all those taken care of, you have jobs.”

The way to “fix” health care she said would be to make big changes to the bill she calls “Obama No Care.”

“Once I get to Congress, I want to ensure we don’t fund no care. It will be a struggle without the majority, but I think the American people will send that message. The good news is that we have until 2014 to fight the implementation,” Bell said. “We need to turn it around and implement things that really matter.”

Bell said some of the things that need to be implemented are medical liability reform, tort reform and ensure insurance companies have competition.

Bell said she also opposes cap in trade and hopes to make Bush tax cuts permanent.

If elected, Bell said she would conduct herself much like she has on the state board.

“I’ve never been afraid to stand up for what’s right. I don’t look at polls. I look at what people tell me,” she said. “I got in the state board of education because I saw a situation that needed to be changed. That’s why I know I can win this race.”

Aside from serving on the BOE, Bell is a charter member of the National Council of Women Advisors to Congress and a member of the Education Commission of the States. She was appointed to serve three terms on the National Association of State Boards of Education Governmental Affairs Committee.

Bell has committed to be a member of the Conservative Freshmen Coalition if she is elected to the office.