Roby talks city work, not campaign

Published 10:04 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Martha Roby, GOP candidate for U.S. Congress and Montgomery City Councilwoman was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting.

Her message was not political in nature however.

“She has been the first person I’ve seen here running for political office that didn’t spend 90 percent of the time tooting their own horn,” Rotary Club President Robert Hawkins told the room after her presentation.

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Instead, Roby shared some of the knowledge and experience she has obtained in public service.

“Today I’m wearing my City Council hat,” she said.

“There are some really neat principals that we’re doing in Montgomery that hopefully can be some food for thought in Troy.”

Among those programs is a community project in Montgomery’s West Fairview neighborhood, that Roby said is an extension of the revitalization of the downtown area.

“This area is truly a gateway to Montgomery,” Roby said. “We’re working toward a walk-able community with green trees.”

And Roby said the tactics being used to restore Montgomery neighborhoods, can be applied to Troy if there is a target area.

One of those strategies would be conducting a “Charrette” session.

“Allowing all community members who have a vested interest, to contribute to improving the neighborhood,” Roby said.

The collective input-gathering session, Roby explained, would provide the city with a solid plan on where to invest on the neighborhoods infrastructure to effectively encourage private investment, and in-turn, jobs.

Roby said that since Montgomery’s recent success in improving the downtown area, the city has been happy to share its methods with other municipalities.

“Ken Groves the city planner has been helpful to other cities and extends his help to Troy as well,” she said.