CHCHC closed Tuesday for leak repair

Published 12:10 pm Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Charles Henderson Child Health Center will be closed today, after employees found a leak in its air conditioning unit early this morning.

Troy Fire Chief Thomas Outlaw said the leak caused a chemical from the AC to leak into the building, and the temporary closure was simply to a precaution.

“We went out and assisted in ventilating and have a technician coming to repair the system,” Outlaw said. “It’s really just a minor deal.”

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Outlaw said he doesn’t foresee any problems with this incident for safety of patients or its employees.

“The main problem came from just having a leak overnight, and when they went in this morning there was an odor. They ventilated the building real good, and we’re going to go back and check it afterwards,” he said.

One of the health center’s patients said he was turned away this morning when trying to take his son to an appointment.

“I took my little boy to his dentist appointment,” said Troy’s Duncan Lindsey. “I noticed there were people standing outside. I didn’t think a lot of it, but one of the workers came up to me and said they were having an issue with a leak and nobody is allowed in the building.”

Lindsey said those gathered around seemed calm, and he was impressed with how they handled the incident.

“They seemed to have the situation under control,” he said.