TroyFest student art winners announced, work on display

Published 10:10 pm Thursday, April 22, 2010

The winners have been named for the 2010 TroyFest Student Art Competition and will be officially recognized at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 24, at the Gazebo on the square in downtown Troy as part of TroyFest activities.

Pam Smith, coordinator of the annual student art competition, said the TroyFest Student Art Competition is open to students in grade K through 12 throughout the county. This year students from all Troy City Schools, Pike County High School, Goshen Elementary School and Pike Liberal Arts School participated.

“There are five divisions of the TroyFest Student Art Competition, grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9 and 10 and 11 and 12,” Smith said. “The categories of competition are drawing, painting, printmaking, mix media and sculpture. There are two additional categories for middle and high school students, photography and graphic design.

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First, second and third place winners are selected in each division and each category. There is also a ‘Best of Show’ in each division and those winners will be awarded $100 for use by their art teacher.”

The students’ artwork will be on exhibit at the Johnson Center for the Arts through TroyFest, April 24 and 25.

Everyone is encouraged to view the work of these talented young artists. There is no admission to the Johnson Center, which is on East Walnut Street in downtown Troy.

The winners of the 2010 Troy Fest Student Art Competition are:

Category Grades K-2:

Drawing: Ansley Adams, first, Pike Liberal Arts School; Damois Pollard, second, Troy Elementary School; and Hunter Keenan, third, PLAS.

Painting: Ashlee Brooke Kersey, first, TES; Cole McWhorter, second, TES; and Anslee Henderson, third PLAS.

Printmaking: Naja Canty, first, TES; Ansley Adams, second, PLAS; and Samira Moore, third, TES.

Mixed Media: Mary Stoltze, first, TES; Joseph Riley, second, PLAS; and Laquan Grimes, third, TES.

Sculpture: Dazina Townsend, first, TES; Hannah Helms, second, TES; and, Chad Antonio Crews, third, TES.

K-2 Best of Show: Betsey Bennett, PLAS

Category Grades 3-5:

Drawing: Garin Roberts, first, TES; Tyler Floyd, second, PLAS; Dimitri Tempelis, third, PLAS.

Painting: Gracie Scarbrough, first, TES; Kelsi Huhuh, second, TES; and Caroline Kirk, third, PLAS.

Printmaking: Jeron Davis, first, TES; Taylor King, second, TES and Abdulaziz Alothaman, third, TES.

Mixed Media: Tristan Carter, first, PLAS; Cameron Rogers, second, PLAS; and Sidney Armstrong, third, TES.

Sculpture: Jinny Lim, first, TES; Kush Patel, second, TES; and Melanie Ford, third, TES.

3-5 Best of Show: Everlena Staggs, TES

Category Grades 6-8

Drawing: Brian Adams, first, PLAS; Baylor Barnes, second, PLAS; and Ariel Lampley, third, PLAS.

Painting: Brooke Roberson, first, Charles Henderson Middle School; Maggie Tisdale, second, CHMS; and KeLani Thomas, third, PCHS.

Printmaking: Xavier Carter, first, CHMS; Dakota Rainey, second, CHMS; and Kayla Lee, third, PCHS.

Mixed Media: Zach Brady, first, CHMS; Takebia Brown, second, PCHS; and Nathan Fox, third, CHMS.

Sculpture: Maggie Tisdale, first, CHMS; Peighton Carpenter, second, CHMS; and Gabriella Godwin, PCHS.

Photography: Hunter Murphree, first and second, PLAS

Grades 6 or 8 Best of Show: Kait Ross, CHMS

Category Grades 9-10

Drawing: Amber Crawford, first, CHHS; Courtney Hooten, second, CHHS; and Abby Linton, third, CHHS.

Painting: Mary McNally, first, PCHS; Amber Crawford, second, CHHS; Betsey Jennings, third, CHHS.

Printmaking: Justin Fryer, first, PCHS; Austin Rushing, second, PCHS; Shamerra Carter, third, PCHS.

Mixed Media: Harleigh Wood, first, PCHS; Aliyah Anderson, second, CHHS, and Olivia Hudson, third, CHHS.

Sculpture: Emily Senn, first, PCHS and Kentarian Reynolds, second, PCHS.

Photography: Rayanne Catrett, first, PCHS

Computer Image: Kentavian Reynolds, first, PCHS

Grade 9-10 Best of Show: Harleigh Wood – PCHS

Category 11-12 –

Drawing: Lakin Riley, first, CHHS; Dekendrick May, second, PCHS; and

Curtis Hughes, third, PLAS.

Painting: Brooke Byrd, first, CHHS; Carley Shelton, second, CHHS; and Courtney Lampley, third, PCHS.

Printmaking: Ryan Landers, first, CHHS; Quinae Gray, second, PCHS; and Dekendrick May, third, PCHS.

Mixed Media: George Green, first, PCHS; Allison LeCroy, second, CHHS;

Jamal Carswell, third, CHHS.

Sculpture: Jamal Carswell, first, CHHS and Jaqueshia Adams, second, PCHS.

Photography: Elizabeth Schuster, first, CHHS.

Computer Image: Geralond Know, first, PCHS and Carley Shelton, second, CHHS.

Grades 11-12 Best of Show: Brittni Weeks – CHHS