April 14 TroyFest Artist of the Day

Published 10:17 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Name: George Elliott

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Art/Craft: Coastal, floral & landscape photography

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Website: http://www.georgebelliottphotography.com

George Elliott believes that photography is not just a journey of people, places, and things captured in a moment by the photographer’s lens, but it is a journey of stories. Just like a writer always has a pen and notepad with them, Elliott’s camera goes wherever he does. Elliott’s variety of costal, floral and landscape scenes ensure that there is something for every eye.

Elliott is a beach bum at heart and has always been enchanted by the beauty of the ocean and the ambiance of coastal towns. Many of his photos try to capture the “beach time” so many of us desire. Another fascination of Elliot is boats, shrimp boats, oyster boats, sailboats, Maine kayaks or the gondolas of Venice, does not matter all boats capture his attention and are thus captured in time by his camera. Water calls to the artist whether it’s the ocean, small streams or southern lakes. The rhythms and sounds of water and waves sing a special song for him.

Elliott’s journey as a photographer began with a set of multi-colored Adirondack chairs near his St. Joe Beach, Florida beach home in the Florida Panhandle. Elliot named this photograph Gossip Session because it reminded him of a girls weekend group sitting around looking out to the sea talking about anything and everything. As noted in Gossip Session, Elliot looks for vibrant colors in all of his captures. His thirty-year career in public relations taught him to see the possibilities of photographs where others might not. The color and composition lessons hear learned from newspaper photographers helped him develop his photographic eye.

According to Elliott, “Capturing the beauty of our world in photographs is also a special quest for me, one that I do in part, because our daughter, Amelia, died in 1995. She was only seventeen and had so much life left to live, so many things to do and see and places to go. Often I take photographs of our world for her, because she didn’t have a chance to see all that she should have”.

George B. Elliot photography specializes in providing photographs of local landmarks and offers custom Troy, Alabama prints. You can view his photographs at www.georgebelliottphotography.com.