The return of the Tiger

Published 8:33 pm Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ah yes, April is upon us.

It is the time of the year where one sport leads into another.

And while the NCAA Tournament has drawn to close, leading into the start of the Major League Baseball season, there is another start of a season that may get more attention from both the sports world and the news world alike for the next couple of months.

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This weekend, the 76th Masters will serve as not only the first Major Championship of the 2010 golf tour but also as the “welcome back” mat for Tiger Woods.

It’s been five months since one of the most secluded and private celebrities the world has known had his closet opened up to reveal all he skeletons inside.

There were a lot – and it wasn’t pretty.

It seems like forever since we first met him back in 1997 after winning his first Green Jacket.

He was the young golfer who was full of enthusiasm and excitement – and actually made watching golf fun.

Now, he returns a much didn’t individual with the whole world watching him for practically every other reason besides golf.

Which brings me to my point.

In the spirit of March Madness, let me make one last pick – Woods will win the Masters for a record fifth time in his career.

Don’t believe me?

Lets break that selection down a bit.

For the past five months, Woods has been living in his own personal hell.

He has been ripped a part by everyone from Rick Reilly to Jay Leno.

He has been humiliated, disgraced and exiled.

And did he deserve this?


Did he did he let down his family, friends and fans?


But now, he is returning to the place he has longed for since he hit that fire hydrant, the place he has dominated all his life – the golf course.

Put aside the 14 Major championships, four of which have come at Augusta, he has won throughout his career and the 97 other professional victories.

This is the moment that Woods has been waiting for.

And that is a scary thing.

He will return to the course from his indefinite leave focused and dedicated – probably more so than ever.

That is something no golfer, no matter their skill level, wants to face off against.

Now, will he be immediately forgiven for all the wrongs he has committed with a win on Sunday?

Absolutely not.

Will there be hecklers? You betcha.

Will there be some cheers? You betcha.

Whether you like him or not, Woods has been a part of some of the greatest moments in sports history.

Whether it was the hug he gave his father after his first Major victory in 1997, his putt in the PGA Championship playoff back in 2000, or winning the US Open in 2008 on basically one leg and everything else in between.

Come Sunday afternoon, Woods will be adding another image to that list.

He will have come back from a place that is almost impossible for anyone, let alone someone who is famous.

And besides, everyone loves a comeback story – and this may be the biggest one yet.