Kay Ivey addresses GOP women

Published 10:43 pm Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ala. State Treasurer and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kay Ivey came before the Pike County Republican Women Wednesday in hopes of gaining support.

“Pike County has been good to Kay Ivey in the past. I’m going to ask you to do that again and even stronger,” Ivey said.

Ivey told those gathered exactly what she stood for in her personal and political values.

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“I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, marriage should exist between a woman and a man, I’m against gambling, against raising your taxes,” she said.

“I’m for the second amendment, and I whole heartedly believe in the 10 Commandments.”

And, if elected to the state’s highest office, Ivey said her goal above all is to give the state what it needs the most — jobs.

“We don’t need new taxes. You don’t create jobs by penalizing the job creators,” Ivey said.

“You reduce spending.”

As state treasurer, Ivey said she has the experience it takes to know just how to accomplish that task.

“We can’t have everything we’ve always had,” she said.

“Only when we reduce the size of government do we reduce spending.”

Ivey, a former school teacher, said also at the heart of her platform is education reform.

“Alabama is still in the bottom 25 percent of education,” she said.

One way to potentially change is to create competition by implementing charter schools in the state.

“It needs to go to a vote,” she said.

“Competition is good in the public sector, just like it is in the private sector. Public schools need competition.

“If you want to get effective leadership with real results, elect Kay Ivey as your governor.”

Several other Republican candidates were present for the meeting.

Congressional candidate Rick Barber told those gathered he was actively fighting against the health care bill that was signed into office Tuesday.

Ray Boles, running against incumbent Wendell Mitchell in the Senate, has no Republican competition at this point.

Locally, Tom Anderson, assistant district attorney, and Gary Bradshaw, Enterprise attorney, were present. Both are seeking the seat of Pike and Coffee County District Attorney.

Representatives from Bradley Byrne, running for governor, and Martha Roby, congress, were also present.