Judge Roy Moore holds fundraiser

Published 10:42 pm Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Republican Alabama Governor candidate, Judge Roy Moore, held a fundraising dinner at the Pike County Cattleman’s Association Wednesday night.

The former State Supreme Court Justice spoke to supporters as part of his campaign for the 2010 election.

Moore commented on issues like the recent health care overhaul signed into law by the Obama administration.

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“It’s an enormous burden on our already struggling economic system,” he said.

Moore said that the requirement of health insurance companies to accept certain patients with pre-existing conditions could produce disastrous results.

“It will run insurance companies out of business,” he said.

The judge explained that it would then be up to the government to pick up the ball.

“Then we’ll have socialized health care,” he said. “This is no doubt the largest socialistic movement ever in our country. I think the anger of the public is really good.”

Moore said the best way to fix the issues and squelch public dissention is not government regulation but free enterprise.

A supporter of a decrease in the size and scope of the government, Moore also proposes to cuts taxes, especially for businesses.

“Right now businesses are struggling and the last thing you want to do is tax them,” he said.

Moore would favor the elimination of taxes on state businesses such as the business property tax and business privilege tax.

Education was another issue the judge brought up.

Moore advocated the “freedom of competition in public schools and the freedom of parents to choose where there children go to school.”

He added that change was needed within the classroom as well.

“Teachers should have the freedom to teach with no restriction like No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top,” he said.

Moore said he wanted to send a message of hope to his supporters as his campaign progresses.

“People wonder why so many candidates are running with (the upcoming terms probable budget restraints), It’s an opportunity,” he said.

Judge Moore is a Vietnam Veteran who is well known for refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments from his courtroom while serving as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. This will be the second time he seeks the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama.