Band performs, inspires GHS

Published 10:37 pm Friday, March 19, 2010

With her father battling cancer, one student at Goshen High School has plenty to fear.

The common challenges teens face like fitting in, confusion and uncertainty, and academic pressures all mount on the student while she and her family are forced to face the realization of her fathers’ condition.

A strong and passionate voice over a solid guitar-line and a beating drum, blasts out of the ear buds of her MP3 player and tells her not to be afraid.

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She listens to the advice.

“I listen to that song I bought on iTunes ,and I don’t cry as much as I used to,” said the student in an e-mail to The Messenger.

The student is listening to the band GoldylockS, a touring rock group that does more than just play shows and record albums.

GoldylockS, under the direction of their fiery lead-singer Goldy, are more than mere entertainers. They strive to be inspirers, providers of hope and a connection to young people that may otherwise be too hard to reach.

The inspirational message is undeniable in the song “Today I Won’t Be Afraid,” written by Goldy and her lead-guitarist Ben Dmitrick.

“The song has been very inspirational to kids and adults,” Goldy said.

But the band has gone above and beyond the call of ordinary musicians to inspire youth, including those in Pike County.

As part of the Today I Wont Be Afraid program, Goldy, who conceptualized the tour, first makes an appearance at various schools to execute a motivational speaking program she has created.

At Banks School and GHS, Goldy urged students to pursue their dreams and turn “fear into fuel.”

“You have to figure out what you’re afraid of and why,” the former TNA wrestler and accomplished singer said. She explained that behavioral problems with adolescents can sometimes be attributed to fear.

“They lash out because they’re afraid they’re not going to fit in or they’re not going to be liked,” she said.

Goldy believes that channeling that fear and uncertainty into positive and constructive thinking and action can make a world of difference.

Sometimes it takes some creative methods to get the message across.

“It’s the same thing that great school administrators say every day, but it’s brought in a different package with a band and pink hair,” she said.

After speaking at the schools, GoldylockS will sometimes come back to perform a concert.

GHS was one school that showed interest.

“Goldy inspires young people and makes a special effort to reach those that are at risk through her music and her motivational talks,” said GHS Principal Al Griffin.

“Goldy mixes and mingles among the kids and develops a rapport quickly. Her message is so positive.”

With the support of the GHS administration, the band loaded up their modest tour bus Friday and drove the 350 miles from Nashville to Goshen to perform.

The opening act of the show didn’t have to drive so far, however.

GHS Sophomore, Caleb Quackenbush was called upon to deliver a standup comedy routine. “I was a little nervous,” Quackenbush said. “But I always make people laugh so why not go for it. I’m reppin’ for the sophomores.”

After GoldilockS played, Goshen students in attendance were given another opportunity share the stage with the seasoned performers.

The third element of the I Won’t Be Afraid program is the Fearless Talent Contest.

Immediately following the GoldilockS show, students were given the chance to present their own version of the encouraging ballad “Today I Wont Be Afraid”.

Those performances will soon be posted online and voted on.

The winning video will be awarded a $4,000 recording session in Nashville complete with a top-notch studio, producer and stylist to the stars.

“We would come to schools every day if we could,” Goldy said. “The plan is free to participating schools, plus 25 percent of the proceeds are donated back to the school.”

Anybody with questions about the program is encouraged to e-mail for more information. See for photos of the event.