Townsend set on helping Eagles fly

Published 10:04 pm Thursday, March 18, 2010

Antarrius Townsend is just like any other high school senior.

He enjoys the same things other kids his ages do, with one thing in particular – baseball.

Even though Townsend’s career is relativity new, having started just a mere three years ago, he is playing the sport that he loves and also helping those around him on the diamond.

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While Townsend and the rest of the Goshen Eagles have struggled this season having not won a game, it has not taken anything away from how he feels about the game.

“I just enjoy it,” Townsend said Thursday afternoon during the team’s practice. “It is a fun game and I love being out here with these guys.”

Baseball wasn’t always Townsend favorite sport however.

For a long time, it was on the gridiron where he enjoyed spending his time until one spring afternoon when he came out to baseball, just to try it out.

“There is just something different about being out here than other sports,” he said.

And of all the places on the field, there is one particular spot he enjoys the most – the mound.

“You control the game when you are pitching, it really comes down to being able to do your best, and I take a lot of pride in that,” Townsend said.

Besides enjoyment, there is something else that he sees every time he and his teammates take the field – improvement.

“I have seen a lot of growth from the beginning of the season up until now.

“There have been a couple times where I think we could have won a few games, but didn’t. Once we start playing like we know we can, things will start coming together for us,” Townsend added.

The senior is one of three on the Eagles’ roster and at any given time, he can be seen either on the mound, the outfield or in the infield.

And that is an asset his head coach, Ryan Ellison, is thankful for.

“(Antarrius) provides a lot of leadership all over the place for us,” the coach said. “He leads by example, works hard and does what he can to get better.”

“Just this season alone, he has come a long way both in the field and at the plate. He knows (game) situations, he is learning a lot and doing what he can to help out the rest of his teammates,” Ellison added.

Due to his experience and age, many would think there would be some added pressure on Townsend to be a leader.

While the senior does say he is a leader for the Eagles, he also said he isn’t the only one.

“Everyone has a leadership role on this team. “We are all doing what we can to help get this team to where we think it should be,” he said.