Parents, teachers help curb testing fears

Published 11:02 pm Thursday, March 18, 2010

“The tests are coming! The tests are coming”

Those words generate as much anxiety in young people today as the words, ‘The Martians are coming!” did in youngsters years ago.

However, Elizabeth Grubbs, system test coordinator for the Pike County Board of Education, said “The tests are coming” should not frighten the system’s students in grades three through six.

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“The tests are coming in March and April but the students should not be worried or frightened by them,” Grubb said. “Students should be counseled at school and at home about state standardized tests. So, they should be anxious only on Assessment Days to show what they know.”

Grubbs said the tests will enable parents and the school system to praise, to improve, to seek accommodations or to address the performance level of children.

Grubbs suggested ways that dedicated parents, school supporters and community friends can help put children’s minds at ease.

“Children should get enough sleep on nights before the tests,” she said. “Parents can play educational games with their children and provide their children with healthy snacks and nutritional meals.”

Teachers should encourage students to proofread their homework in order to develop a habit of proofreading test answers.

“Teachers should stay positive and encourage their students to answer each test question,” Grubbs said.

“It’s helpful for children to think happy thoughts or count silently from one to 10 while entering the test site to release stress.”

Following the suggestions should benefit children when it’s test time by relieving the stress and giving them a better chance for a better score.