Land owner hopeful in appeal

Published 8:53 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Local landowner Chris Rose met opposition in January from the Planning Commission when requesting to rezone property off Lakeside Drive to build an electrical supply company.

He’s hoping for a different reaction from the Troy City Council in two weeks.

Rose’s request refers to property located directly behind the Chevron gas station on U.S. Highway 231 and backing up to Lakeside Drive. That land is also neighboring Sherwin Williams and the old Barnhill’s restaurant.

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The landowner seeks to rezone a portion of his land from a R-2 Medium Density Residential zoning to C-4 Highway Commercial zoning, in efforts to build an electric supply company on the lot. A portion of the land closest to Chevron is already zoned C-4.

Rose was met with opposition at the city board meeting from area residents concerned with safety and the look of the neighborhood, but Rose said those won’t be issues if the council agrees to his proposal.

His plan is to build a small building to begin growing his company Troy Regional Electric Supply Company (TRESCO).

“This is the initial growth to secure clients in local industries…whoever we can sell to,” Rose said.

He said he also has a vacant lot on Highway 167, where he hopes to locate larger warehouses once his business grows.

Then, the area developed on the land in question would serve as an office space, perhaps even in the old Barnhill’s restaurant.

“At that point we’ll need much larger warehouses, facilities,” Rose said. “We want to start here to create a launch here.”

Rose said after working in construction for years, he has determined a need for electric supplies sold locally, some types that even current companies in Troy don’t have.

Rose said many properties surrounding his are already zoned for C-4 development, but he meets area residents’ concerns with promises to “be a good neighbor.”

“I’ve agreed to put buffers up so you couldn’t see it, have a privacy fence and a landscape front,” Rose said.

Still, Rose may have his work cut out for him as he brings this appeal before the Troy City Council in a public hearing next Tuesday.

“There’s been several attempts to rezone the property in the past,” said City Planner Calvin Lott. “About three different people have tried.”

Lott said the proposal to deny the request was made by board member Marv Dillard “due to the size of the street and safety issues.”

The city planner said the land has separate zoning because it wasn’t originally all owned by the same person.

Rose purchased the property in November 2009.

Rose said regardless of meeting zoning approval Tuesday, he will be able to build this business on the portion set up for C-4, which is about a third of it, Lott said.

Lott said with access to U.S. Highway 231 that would be allowed, and Rose said highway access is part of his plans.

“We have access to 231. We don’t have to use Lakeside Drive,” Rose said. “We’re going to use it to a degree.”