Five arrested in drug bust

Published 10:12 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Five people were arrested Monday night for first degree manufacturing of Methamphetamines in Troy.

22-year-old Dustin Justice, 21-year-old Jason Hussey and 26-year-old Jessica Paramore all of Troy were arrested with Sondra Oconnor, 39, of Panama City, Florida on Childs Road, just north of Troy.

Lieutenant Investigator of Narcotics Bob Williamson said that the Pike County Sheriffs Department, along with the Troy Police Department, were able to make the arrests after following the suspects from a home that authorities were watching.

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“We followed them (to a Childs Road residence) from Pecan Lane.” Williamson said.

After the suspects pulled into the residence, officers made a traffic-stop.

“A search of their vehicle revealed items used to make meth,” he said. “They had just about everything you use to make it.”

Williamson said that there was a chemical reaction in place within the vehicle and several ingredients and tools used in the manufacturing of Methamphetamines were discovered.

Authorities also executed a search warrant on the residence located at Pecan Lane where the four suspects had originally been spotted.

“There was another meth-lab being put together in the home,” Williamson said.

Terry Whitley, 34, of Troy was arrested at the residence and Williamson said a black male escaped and is still at large.

The four suspects in the vehicle have each had bond set at $50,000 for methamphetamine manufacturing charges, while Whitley received the same plus an additional $7,500 for first degree possession of Marijuana.

All suspects will have to go before a judge for a preliminary hearing.

“It takes five more people off the street that were manufacturing and most likely distributing meth,” Williamson said.

The investigator said that as long as the suspects were behind bars, the arrests should have an effect on other crimes associated with drugs such as theft.

There is no guarantee that the suspects will remain locked up though.

Paramore was arrested in Florida just a week ago after reportedly attempting to flee from authorities and kicking a Walton County Sheriff’s Deputy in the jaw.

She was charged with resisting arrest, battery on a law enforcement officer, possession of Methamphetamines, possession of paraphernalia and trafficking in Lortabs.

Still, Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas is proud of the work of officers involved in this latest operation.

“I appreciate the hard work of these law enforcement officers and the hard work that goes into these cases,” he said.

“It takes a lot of long hours to put together these cases.”