We should all embrace snow days

Published 2:31 pm Friday, February 12, 2010

Sometimes we have to step back and simply appreciate the awesome wonder of nature. Friday was one of those days.

As snow covered the rolling hills of Pike County, the beauty of our beloved home took on the wintry mantle oft-reserved for places farther north. With familiar icons and houses covered in snow, and children giddily romping through yards and scooping together snowballs and snowmen, we were treated to a day of winter fun right here at home. No plane tickets to Colorado needed for this vacation.

And what a welcome treat it was.

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From the snowman dressed in surgical scrubs at Troy Regional Medical Center to the sports editor who wanted to have snowball fights with everyone on staff, the snow seemed to bring a spirit of childlike wonder and delight to most everyone on Friday.

Perhaps for that we should be thankful.

Snow, for us here in Pike County, is such a rarity that we can truly appreciate its beauty and its joy. We can stop everything – from government offices to schools – to revel in the joys of a “snow day.” Snowmen and snowballs are at the top of the to-do list, as well they should be, and for some folks, simply sitting inside near the fire with a warm cup of cocoa and watching the snow fall is enough to warm the heart and calm the senses.

Children seem to inherently grasp and appreciate the gift of a “snow day.” Quick to embrace the freedom from the everyday routine the break offers, children are shameless in their celebration of a snow day.

As adults, we should borrow just a little bit of that childlike innocence and remember to embrace the wonder and enjoyment that a snow day offers – the break from the routine, the gift of a snowy treat and the majesty of nature’s beauty right here at home.

We hope you enjoyed your day.