Baseball is finally here

Published 10:01 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2010

While the football season may have come to an end this past Sunday during one of the most unexciting Super Bowls of all-time, it is not time to enjoy America’s past time.

Yes, that’s right, the baseball season is literally around the corner and for whatever reasons, I am pretty excited about it.

It seems baseball, all over the world, has been under fire the past couple of years because of decades of controversy, but now it appears that has all passed.

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The steroids saga is finally, although slowly, coming to an end and the it appears that team’s are actually not breaking the banks anymore for players.

When the Yankees try and cut back on its ridiculous pay roll, you know it’s going to be a good season.

It seems like baseball is finally starting on a clean slate – and it’s about time.

But while pitchers and catcher all over the major leagues will be getting warmed up for the season next week, baseball will be in full swing here in Pike County.

And while this is may be my first season covering all the strikes and homers, I hear there are some pretty good teams – which makes the upcoming season all the more exciting.

While most of the world is fixated on the players that make the millions upon millions, the game is at its purest at the high school and college levels.

There are no egos or other agendas, it’s all about representing your team and school as best as one can – and isn’t what baseball, as well as all sports, should really be about?

Here’s to a great season for all the teams in Pike County.

Greg Rossino is the sports editor for The Messenger, and he can be reached at or on Twitter at Messenger_Greg.