Coaches gone wild

Published 10:54 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everything in and around the college football world is reeling after the past couple of weeks.

It seems like every day a story is out that has a coach accused of abusing his players or leaving a respective program.

Yes, coaches are hired and fired every season – no big deal.

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But to have three head coaches be fired for mistreating their players seems a bit odd.

Sure, football is a violent sport where players get beat on a regular basis, but it shouldn’t come from their leader, regardless of how “emotional” they may get before, during or after a game.

Thankfully, Troy is not in this position.

If coaches aren’t getting fired, they are leaving their old jobs for greener pastures and sadly, this has affected the Trojans.

While I understand Neal Brown’s decision to leave Troy for Texas Tech and wish him the best of luck – I don’t have to necessarily like it.

Brown had created an offensive juggernaut that was only going to get better and better.

Having said that, what Lane Kiffin did to Tennessee is down right despicable.

The team’s fan were done over worse than Conan O’Brien.

Kiffin was there for just 14 months, but that was a pretty long 14 months thanks to his need to make outlandish remarks at other coaches and claims about how good the ‘Vols would be.

Last time I checked, 7-6 is not a very good record, Lane.

Can’t believe I am about to type this, but I guess Al Davis was right when he said Kiffin would destroy Tennessee.