Bo Weed: In the doghouse

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 8, 2010

These days, Bo Weed is going down a path that leads to The Doghouse.

And, he’s going happily and with great expectations.

Weed is now a bi-vocational minister of sorts. Although he doesn’t have a regular ministry, he does fill pulpits in area churches when needed. And, “Hotdog!” he is also fulfilling his dream of being a part of the business world.

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Weed and his son, Joshua, recently opened The Doghouse, a lunch-bunch eatery that caters to the working man and woman and specializes in hotdogs.

“I just love hotdogs,” Weed said in explaining his decision to open The Doghouse. “To me, there’s nothing better than a good hotdog, and I just haven’t found one nearby that I consider a ‘good’ hotdog. So, I decided to make one.”

Joshua has three years experience in the food industry, so when he moved back home, his dad suggested that the two of them open a hotdog stand.

But Weed didn’t want just any ol’ hotdog. He wanted specialty hotdogs. Hotdogs with flair, with zip and zest. He wanted hotdogs that would have folks coming back for more.

So, he sought to pattern his dogs after those he considers the tops in dogs.

Pete’s Place in Dothan and Ed’s World Famous Hotdogs in Headland are places that set the bar for hotdogs.

“Those were the best hotdogs you could get anywhere. I wanted to make a hotdog as much like Pete’s and Ed’s as I could,” Weed said.

He had an idea and a starting place but he needed a little more than that. So, he went to the best long-standing, hotdog stand still standing, Marshall’s in Midland City.

“The lady who owns Marshall’s now has been in business for 29 years and the business has been there for 50 years,” Weed said. “I wanted to see what they do and how they do it.”

Although most all cooks will share their recipes, the really good ones never share their secret ingredient.

Marshall’s has its secret and so does The Doghouse.

“Sure,” the Weeds have something secret about their hotdogs but it’s not the taste. People are already talking about “the best dogs around.”

Sheriff Russell Thomas and Revenue Commissioner Curtis Blair were among those in standing room only Wednesday and both said The Doghouse has “the best hotdogs I’ve ever eaten.”

And, they just had the chilidog. But, Henry Reynolds ordered the Bo Dog, an open-face hotdog with all the trimmings and covered in cheese. It’s so Bo Doggish that has to be eaten with a fork.

“Mmmm,” is the best way Reynolds could describe the dog.

The Doghouse has a variety of hotdogs including a sausage dog that’s char-grilled to perfection, as are the hamburgers served hot off the grill.

The specialty of the “house” is hotdogs but the menu includes hamburgers, chili cheeseburgers, nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches. Everything is made to order and the orders are filled quickly and with a smile.

“The Doghouse is small and people have been very patient with us as we’re learning the system,” Weed said.

“Of course, we’d love to have the college crowd but we’re catering to the working crowd.”

The Doghouse is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Saturday, Jan. 9 has been designated Grand Opening day.

“It’s nothing fancy but we believe that we’ve got the best hotdogs anywhere and the biggest variety,” Weed said.

“The Doghouse offers great dogs and good fellowship. We hope to be in The Doghouse for along time.”