Troy earns grant for water project

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looks like the presents under the city of Troy’s Christmas tree just keep growing.

The city was notified officially Tuesday it would be the recipient of yet another grant, which is worth more than $1 million.

The grant, which is a Community Development Block Grant, will be used to connect nearly all water systems in the city, increasing reliability and water pressure, said Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

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The project will add a 12-inch water main on Park Street that will connect to those already in place on Elm Street and George Wallace Drive.

“It will be a 12-inch water main that will connect from the area on Park Street near the well, where we have 12-inch mains, and proceed down Park over to Elm Street,” Lunsford said. “Then it will go to the 12-inch mains at the intersection of George Wallace Drive.”

Through this, Lunsford said the bulk of the city’s residents will have more quality in their water systems.

“This gives us a system of getting all of our city on a looping system,” Lunsford said. “It ties it together so if the Park Street well goes out, you’ll have sufficient water.”

Essentially, all those residents connected to these pumps will still have water if their usual supplying water main breaks.

“If it goes out in one area, you won’t lose water for the city,” Lunsford said.

Lunsford said the grant will also increase water pressure for residents.

“We will do a tap off of it that will actually be beneficial to increasing water pressure for the new arena being built on the university,” Lunsford said.

Lunsford said the grant, sought as an economic development grant, was justified to put a sprinkler system into CGI, which will be in the Park Lane shopping center.

“This was our sell to CDBG to get this water line put in to serve them,” Lunsford said. “It’s just another example of how the job creation has helped not just their community, but it’s supporting the community as a whole.”

The total project is $1.3 million and the grant awarded is $1,040,000.

Lunsford said the engineering and design will be done immediately, and he hopes to complete the total project in 2010.

During construction, traffic in some parts of the city will be impacted.

“There will be times where there will at least be partial street closings,” Lunsford said. “We’ll schedule those to have a minimum impact to the community to interfere with traffic.”

Lunsford said the grant will also enable for road resurfacing in the areas where roads are impacted.