No respect? No problem for Trojans

Published 10:07 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There are currently only 28 teams that have nine or more wins in all of Division 1 FBS.

Obviously, one of them is Troy.

The Trojans have had a fantastic season, breaking records left and right on an almost weekly pace, it seemed.

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However, it appears no one else in the country has even noticed, much less cared.

Why should they?

Sure, Troy is ranked above every team playing in a BCS game in total offense and passing offense – but so what.

To the rest of the nation, Troy is just a small school somewhere in Alabama, playing in the worst conference and an easy win for “upper-tier teams.”

And that is perfectly fine.

While others may be more interested in whether or not Tim Tebow will cry at the end of the game or if Notre Dame will ever be good again, the Trojans have quietly built a pretty darn good football program.

Very few teams, regardless of conference of level of play can claim three-straight conference championships – but the Trojans can.

True, Troy is overshadowed by the University of Alabama and Auburn University, even by its own students no less.

But again, that’s fine.

While the Trojans may not be going to Pasadena for a chance at a national title in January, the team is preparing to embark for a game that may be the most important the program’s history in the same month.

A win over a ranked team, on national television, would surely give this Trojan team the justice it deserves and end the season on a high note.

Having said that, in a season where the Trojans have raised the bar a win at the GMAC Bowl would raise the bar even higher – setting the tone for what is to be expected for future teams.

After watching all the bowl specials as well as reading about them, it seems no one believes the Trojans can pull of the win though.

However, I know of a certain group of people that believes they can win.

“Anyone, Any time, Any where,” is this team’s motto and I, like the rest of the Trojan Nation, believe in that slogan and believe the Trojans will be singing the victory song in Mobile.

Greg Rossino is the sports editor for The Messenger, and he can be reached at or on Twitter at Messenger_Greg