Local girls participate in science expo

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seven Pike County Elementary School fifth graders will have the opportunity to travel to Birmingham Friday to participate in a science expo.

Ninti Jackson, Cyndre’a McKinney, Sarah Parker, Chasdie Reynolds, A’Kalysia Rodgers, Victoria Rodgers and Dezjenae Terry were selected to make a presentation at the 2009 GEMS-U Science Expedition.

Fifth grade teacher Jan Rhodes said there were a total of 500 applicants to the program, but the PCES fifth-graders were one the 150 teams selected.

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“We are very honored to go,” Rhodes said.

The students have gained much knowledge from the project, according to Rhodes.

The state department approved several lesson plans for the teams to present and Rhodes said she selected four for the girls to choose from.

“I selected four lesson plans and the girls unanimously chose to present Systems of Our Human Body,” Rhodes said.

Through the presentation the students learned about the circulatory, respiratory, excretory and reproductive systems.

The students were tasked with preparing PowerPoints, project boards and charts and graphs relating to the topic.

“They learned PowerPoint,” Rhodes said.

“Those who already were familiar with it, go the opportunity to hone their technical skills and tweak the presentation.”

Another opportunity for the girls was they practiced for Friday’s event by teaching science classes all day on Tuesday.

“They found out that teaching was harder than they thought,” Rhodes said.

“They’ve been working since Nov. 1.”

Rhodes said the expo provides PCES an opportunity to since academically.

The expo presentations will be judged and the girls have an opportunity to bring home some awards to Pike County, but Rhodes said they are mainly doing it for the experience.

“Our school is a small rural school, strong in athletics, but also in academics,” Rhodes said.

“I think PCES is the best kept secret in Pike County.”