Remember when

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kathryn Tucker Windham said there’s no finer Christmas gift than sharing stories.

If that’s true, then Christmas came early for those gathered at the Brundidge We Piddle Around Theater this weekend for the annual Christmas Program.

“There’s not a finer gift at Christmas than telling stories with the ones you love,” said nationally known storyteller Windham.

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That’s how Windham opened the program, full of tales of her favorite Christmas memories.

From fireworks exploding on her Aunt Emma warming by the fire to the best Christmas present Windham can recall, her stories kept the audience entertained and leaving full of Christmas cheer.

“Christmas was a happy time at our home,” Windham said. “This generation has somehow made it a burden. I can’t stand to hear people say, I can’t wait until Christmas is over.”

Windham told the crowds they should be much more focused on the simpler things of Christmas than gift giving.

“We have more than we’ll ever need. I don’t want anybody bringing anything into my house unless I can eat it,” Windham said laughing.

She shared with the audience some of what storytelling is about — passing down tales to younger generations. And, just like her mom had told her, Windham told those in Brundidge about some of the Christmas symbols.

“She taught me about the star, how it lead them to Jesus,” Windham said. “We need to follow the star that will lead us to Jesus.”

And the shepherds had a curiosity that all could learn a lesson from, Windham said. “A group of Auburn students came to visit me in my home, and I had an artificial leg in my living room,” Windham said. “Not one of those students asked me about it, and I’ve been worried about them ever since.”

The story behind the artificial leg came from her brother Wilson, who often threatened to rip Windham’s leg off and beat her with it.

The tale had been passed on throughout the family for years, so one Christmas, her grandson decided to give her an artificial leg.

Those were some of Windham’s stories. But, she said all have stories to tell.

“This very night, call somebody and ask them, ‘Do you remember when?’”