Shopping could have dangerous price

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today is what businesses anticipate will be the biggest shopping day of the year, but Troy Police also know it can present several dangers.

That’s why Troy Police Chief Anthony Everage reminds local residents to keep safety in mind as they make their way through the Black Friday crowds.

Many will rise in the early hours of the morning Friday to secure a spot in the front of what will likely be a long line of people. Since it will still be dark, Everage reminds residents to take a friend with them to ensure safer shopping.

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With large crowds in local shopping malls, residents should be extra cautious with their vehicles, purchases and money.

Everage said it’s key residents remember to lock the doors to their cars, even if only stepping away for a few minutes.

“When possible, lock all merchandise or packages in the truck of your car, and load your packages before departing, not at the next destination,” Everage said.

This will ensure someone doesn’t see those packages in the trunk and try to break into the vehicle.

Before entering a car, make sure you look inside the vehicle for suspicious persons. Everage also said it’s a good idea to keep a house or car key in hand while approaching the car, and if attacked, use that key as a weapon.

Be alert of your surroundings as you travel, and also keep purses and wallets secured while shopping, he said.

“Be extra careful with purses and wallets,” Everage said. “Carry a purse under your arm. Keep wallets in an inside pocket.”

Also, it’s key shoppers don’t carry a large amount of cash around Friday. Instead, make large purchases with a debit or credit card.