Troy remains consistent

Published 10:22 pm Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the past four years, a lot has changed.

We have seen a new president take office, watched the economy rise just to fall again and watched as Brett Favre retired, only to come back, twice.

Besides the Cubs World Series-less streak, there has been one thing that has not changed – Troy’s dominance over the Sun Belt.

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For the past four years, each of the season’s have ended the same way, with Troy claiming a conference championship.

And they did it with relative ease.

During this four-season stretch, the Trojans have gone 25-3 in Sun Belt play.

Each of those seasons, the Trojans have had a target on their chest as a team, and by the way the team played, it almost seemed like they welcomed that challenge.

People may complain about the team’s inability to win the “big game” against out of conference opponents.

However, the team has been winning big games right before our eyes.

When the team defeated Middle Tennessee this season on ESPN 2, that was a big game.

When the team dominated Rice in its first New Orleans bowl appearance, that was a big game.

The point is, the team has been able to accomplish a feat that not many schools in the country, both big and small, have been able to do.

We have seen every type of game imaginable during this four year stretch, from late game miracles to early game blowouts.

The names and the faces on the sidelines have changed throughout the years, but the overall message has not – Trojan Pride.

Regardless of a player’ s position, each one knows what his job is on the team.

To sustain such a successful streak is one that should be cherished.

And the best part about it is – there is no end in sight.