Book fair spurs interest in reading

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 14, 2009

Annette Siler was honored to be among the celebrity readers at New Life Christian Academy’s first Book Fair this week.

She joined the Rev. Elijah Shafar, Dr. David Runyon and Cathie Cook as featured readers for the weeklong events celebrating the magic of books.

Siler is the school’s “resident” author and has three books to her credit.

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“The books haven’t been published as such yet but I have them together and I enjoy reading them to the students,” Siler said. “They seem to enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoy reading them.”

Siler read one of her books, “Two By Two” during the Book Fair Celebrity Read.

“‘Two By Two’ is the story of the animals on Noah’s Ark,” she said. “It’s told from the animals’ point of view – actually by a lion and a deer. The animals went onto the ark together and came off two by two. They didn’t come off as enemies. I think it’s a wonderful story and the children love it.”

Siler’s other books are titled, “Sid, the Honeysuckle-Eating Rhyming Elephant,” “The Ugly Rose” and “The Pig with No Tail.”

The other celebrity readers read from selected Scholastic Books.

“This was our first Book Fair and we are very excited about the interest and enthusiasm it generated,” said Polly Laird, New Life principal. “We started the week with a ‘Someone Grand Breakfast.’ The students could invite their grandparents or anyone who is ‘grand’ in their lives to have breakfast with them. That was a lot of fun for the students and the grands in their lives.”

The New Life Christian Academy Book Fair was held in conjunction with the National Book-It program for pre-school through six graders.

Laird said the Book Fair is another way to encourage the students at New Life Christian Academy to read and the activities planned for them are designed to bring added fun to reading.