Farmers Market left for two weeks

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November is the time of year when the garden gatherings are barely “a mess.”

The tomatoes are gone along with the peas and beans, the squash and cucumbers. But the good news is that it’s now sweet tater time.

And there’s no better place to get sweet potatoes and greens of all kinds than right here at home said, Pam Sanders, manager of the Pioneer Farmers Market.

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“This is the time of the year for locally grown sweet potatoes and we have an abundance them and plenty of greens – turnips, mustard, collards and kale available at the Pioneer Farmers Market on Saturdays in the back parking lot of First United Methodist Church in Troy.”

Sanders said the Pioneer Farmers Market will close on Saturday Nov. 14 so that only gives shoppers two Saturdays to shop the local farmer’s market.

“The Pioneer Farmer’s Market will be open on Nov. 7 and 14 and then close until the 2010 spring and summer harvest season,” she said.

“The market will open at 7 a.m. both Saturdays and we invite everyone to come out and take advantage of the fresh-from-the -farm products produced by local growers. You’ll get the best produce at the best prices and support our local farmers at the same time.”

November will also be the last opportunity for senior citizens who received vouchers from the Alabama Farmers Market Authority to redeem them.

“The vouchers expire this month and you don’t want to be left holding them,” Sanders said.

“First, you miss the chance to purchase locally grown produce and the number of vouchers that are redeemed could affect the number of vouchers made available to Pike County next year. So, I encourage everyone to redeem your vouchers. This is a good time to get those sweet potatoes and fresh turnips for Thanksgiving dinner or greens to put in the freezer.”

Sanders said the 2009 Pioneer Farmers Market was a great success and many of the producers are already looking forward to next year.

“We’re considering doing something similar to our grand opening day several times during the summer of 2010,” Sanders said.

“We’d like to have musician play and games for the children and wagon rides for everyone. That’s all in the planning stage but we’re excited about the possibilities for the 2010 Pioneer Farmers Market.”