Post season glory

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post season glory comes to those who earn it.

Pike County fans have seen their fair share of success this football season.

With one team winning a region title thanks to an undefeated season and two others securing home playoff games, there is a lot to be proud and thankful for with three teams with a chance to make it to the coveted championship game.

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But to do this Pike Liberal Arts School, Goshen and Pike County high schools are each going to have to play as close to perfect each game as possible.

The regular season is over with and now the new season is about to begin.

Before, each of the teams could get away with mistakes and still pull away with wins, now, these teams might not be so lucky.

There are very few second chances when it comes to the playoffs – its do, or die, each second counts.

Teams don’t necessarily have to be perfect in the post season, but they do have to be relatively close.

Each of the teams has played to that level in recent weeks.

All three ended its respective seasons on lengthy winning streaks – in fact, all three schools went unbeaten in October.

But now, the pressure is on.

Home field advantage is exactly what it sounds like – an advantage.

Yet, it comes with a price – it paints a target on all three teams.

Marengo, Fultondale and Luverne are each coming in as the underdogs for its respective games and these teams each have something to prove.

By no means am I saying the home teams don’t have anything to prove but this is a dangerous time.

Still, the Patriots, the Eagles and the Bulldogs have all shown throughout their regular seasons that they are prepared for the coming weeks.

Whether it be looking to win back-to-back state titles for PLAS, a redemption season for GHS or a return to glory for PCHS, each team has had it’s own story line and has had a marvelous run.

Each team is just five wins away from greatness.

Now, we are about find out how great each team is.