District 6 case warrants criminal investigation

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 3, 2009

The civil case has been resolved, and Pike County will have a new District 6 commissioner.

But we think that isn’t enough.

We urge law enforcement officials to conduct a thorough legal investigation of the voting process in the District 6 case that led to the ousting of Karen Berry as commissioner.

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For months now, we’ve sat silent and waited, along with the rest of Pike County, for a judge to rule in the civil case. We listened as witnesses testified that they did not sign the absentee ballots and as others testified that they did not reside in District 6, even though they voted in the district. Still others presented conflicting testimony about the absentee voting process, drawing into question the notary public’s role in the process.

Now, it’s time for another set of answers.

Voter fraud is a serious crime and a serious allegation. Pike County voters, and those in District 6, deserve to know if this crime was committed. And, if not, Karen Berry and notary public Kathy Lunsford Griffin deserve to have their names cleared of any allegations and insinuations. That may rest with District Attorney Gary McAliley and even the state Attorney General’s office, and we encourage both to step up and step forward.

Our voters and taxpayers deserve answers and follow-through in this case.