For the children

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The smiles on the faces of the art students at Troy Elementary School told, at least, part of the story.

The heartfelt “thank you” of their teacher, Jennifer Lindsey, told the rest.

“We are so appreciative of the generous donation of the Troy University students and their support of the art program at Troy Elementary School,” Lindsey said. “Their donation will make it possible for us to do many more things in art this year. It is so good to see these college students taking an interest in our art program.”

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Proration has taken a big bite out of the funding available to the elementary art program, making it necessary to skimp and scrape to find the needed materials.

“Actually, we have about 20 cents per student for the entire year,” Lindsey said. “So, you can see why the need for support is so great,” Lindsey said.

Just how the members of the Troy University Art Club and the Student Art Association knew about the plight of the art program, Larry Percy, Troy University art instructor, said he wasn’t sure.

“They found out there was a need and wanted to do what they could to help,” Percy said and added laughing. “They did a lot of dumpster diving.”

The university art students became a self-proclaimed salvage company and collected an assortment of art supplies.

“We collected crayons, makers, tack boards and an assortment of paper,” said Davina Tindoll, Art Club president. “And we collected wood blocks and other scrap material.”

And, they also brought along a check to be used for special needs. “Club members sat in the Trojan Center and got donations from the students,” Tindoll said. “So a lot of Troy University students contributed.”

Lindsey said seeing university students involved in making sure that young students have arts opportunities is very encouraging and speaks will for the future of the arts in education.

“The Troy City School System and the Troy Elementary School PTO is very supportive of our program,” she said. “We appreciate all of the support because it really does make a difference.”