Board explains Wildridge votes

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 25, 2009

The Troy Planning Commission had a little explaining to do in its Thursday meeting.

After board members voted against a proposal to construct a subdivision in the Wildridge neighborhood last month, those who opposed the request were required to give a reason this time.

City Planner Calvin Lott said it is a state law board members publicly include in the minutes why they voted against the proposal, since it was denied.

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The request, presented by Walt Stell on behalf of Prospect Ridge, LLC. would have allowed a 41-lot Patio Home development at the south end of Ingram Drive had the commission voted in its favor in August.

“It was detrimental to the Wildridge neighborhood,” said board member Marv Dillard, who denied the request. “The covenants are not reflective of the neighborhood.”

Greg Wilkes had several reasons for his denial.

“It’s not that I don’t want more work,” Wilkes said. “What was presented to us would not fit on that lot.”

Wilkes said the covenants for the proposed Zebulon Subdivision were not the same as the subdivision it joins and the proposal submitted would not grant the proper road access.

Lott said he voted against it for the same reasons as Dillard and Wilkes but also because a law requires public street access for the subdivision.

Also in the meeting, the board approved a request that will lead to the construction of a subdivision on the north side of Enzor Road, running east from Parks Place and east of the Sportsplex.

The request was presented by Charlie Botts, who said the plat will create 13-single family homes.

Botts said the subdivision has no name yet.

Construction is expected to begin within the next 45 days.