We’ve waited long enough for ruling

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I’ve never been a timely person.

Most of the time, I don’t even come close.

Whether it’s something casual like dinner with friends or something more important like a meeting, I can’t seem to arrive on time.

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I’m at least 15 minutes late to church every Sunday. It’s even worse for those “less” important things. And thank goodness my job doesn’t require me to clock in at 9 a.m. sharp, or I’d have been fired two years ago.

I’ve tried several things to cure this — I’ll set my clocks ahead to try to trick myself, but I can’t. I just end up later.

Then there’s another trick I try to pull by telling myself events start at times way ahead of when they actually begin. Never works.

I’m not sure where I get it. Maybe it’s from my Dad, whose motto in life is, “Whatever you do, do it slow.”

But by now, I’ve surrendered that it just can’t be cured.

So, I’ve never been one to even think twice when people say, “I’ll be there at 6,” and don’t show up until 30 minutes later. I’ve never been one to question someone who says, “I’ll call you Monday” and doesn’t get around to it until Wednesday.

For some, it’s just the way they were brought up, and for others, it’s just been inherited somewhere along the journey.

I rarely believe people are late just because they’re careless.

With all that said though, I can sympathize the frustration of waiting on a late friend, waiting on a phone call or for some of Pike County’s voters, waiting on a verdict.

Since the trial between District 6 Commissioner Karen Berry and her November 2008 election opponent Oren Fannin ended in early July, residents of the voting district have been waiting.

They were told first to expect an answer from Lannett Judge Joel Holley within “two weeks.”

Nearly a month later, The Messenger spoke with Holley who said he anticipated an answer by the end of the week. That was Aug. 4.

And here, Sept. 16, residents continue to wait.

I am no judge, so I don’t truly know what goes into making a ruling.

But it is hard to receive countless e-mails and phone calls and even be stopped on the street by readers looking for an answer when I have none.

Whether that verdict rules in favor of Commissioner Berry, allowing her to continue her time in office, or in favor Fannin, making way for him to step into the commission seat, these residents of District 6 just want to know who is representing them for the long run.

Some serious accusations have been made by Fannin, alleging Berry has won the election illegally. Likewise, some serious allegations have been returned by the commissioner. Family debates have even made their way to the Pike County Courtroom.

The majority of Pike County voters likely have an opinion one way or the other, but ultimately they all know it’s not for them to decide.

That’s why the people of District 6 deserve an answer.

They – we – want closure in this case.

Seems like we’ve waited long enough for that.

Holli Keaton is news editor of The Messenger. She can be reached at holli.keaton@troymessenger.com.