United Way spans lifetime in agencies

Published 10:19 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 2009-2010 United Way campaign began with a great start on Tuesday night, and we hope the generous patrons of Pike County will dig deep to support this year’s campaign.

The United Way raises funds to support 17 local agencies, from the Troy United Women’s League to the 4-H Clubs to the Colley Senior Complex and the Pioneer Museum of Alabama and OCAP. Each of these organizations plays a key role in the social network of our community, filling needs in the lives of hundreds of our neighbors and friends.

These agencies help with some of the most basic of life’s needs, from providing shelter and clothing after disasters through the American Red Cross to more complex issues, such as providing role models and mentoring for at-risk youngsters through the Big Brothers Big Sisters programs. Programs such as the Pike Regional Child Advocacy Center, the House of Ruth and the Women’s Life Center seek to protect women and children, the innocent among us who need protection and shelter. Others, such as the Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts and 4-H programs, are shaping and guiding our youngsters into being fine citizens, by helping them learn skills and develop interests that will carry them through their lives.

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And later in life, the Colley Senior Complex and the RSVP program are there, to nurture and entertain, to help our senior residents enjoy their golden years through learning, fun, fellowship and meeting their unique needs.

The United Way is the only agency which allows you to have an impact across the lives of so many Pike Countians.

It’s worth the investment for you and our community.