Local women oppose variance

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, August 20, 2009

A request for a variance to operate a home Veterans Affairs assisted living facility to be located on Henderson Avenue was denied at Thursday’s Board of Adjustments meeting.

This came after the request was met with strong opposition from many single women who live in the neighborhood, many saying they were afraid to live near the proposed home on 134 Henderson Avenue if there would be men residing there.

Neighborhood resident Jessie Barrow was one of those residents.

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“We are too close. We are jammed together,” Barrow said. “It’s dangerous.”

Another neighborhood resident Dorothy Bailey said she objected because there is not enough room.

“True enough, her house is fenced in, but you would be caged in,” Bailey said.

Still, Mozell Moultry, who presented the request to open the facility, said she could pick and choose who she wanted to live there and maintained she would only have women living there.

“I don’t want men. Only women,” Moultry said.

Moultry also said she would not take anyone who has been to prison, after some showed concern that former prisoners could be living in the facility.

“I can choose who I want,” Moultry said. “I visit the VA Hospital all the time. I see people there that I would want.”

Board member Greg Anderson said it would be hard for the board to rule since the house is not up to standard.

According to the proposal, the streets in the area are narrow and would limit on-street parking, and the lot the home is located on is too small to accommodate any additional off-street parking.

Still, Moultry said she could accommodate up to three vehicles in her back yard and said she would provide transportation for the tenants.

In other business, a variance was approved to operate a day care center at 600 South Brundidge Street.

The center will be a full service day care and the number of children will have to be set by the local Department of Human Resources under the state regulation. The facility will be operated by Kevin and Tonda Anderson.