Steeple placed in memory of Doris Adams

Published 8:55 pm Friday, August 14, 2009

Several members of Northside Baptist Church stood and watched Friday morning as a new steeple was put in place on the church building.

The 14-foot fiberglass steeple replaced the three-foot tin steeple that has been a part of the church since around 1947.

“We were so proud to get the new steeple,” said Agnes Johnson, church member. “We had wanted and needed a new steeple for a long time. But it was also sad to see it go up because it was placed in memory of a dear, sweet lady.”

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The steeple was placed in memory of Doris Adams, who was a devoted church member and a friend to so many.

“When Doris died, her daughter, Diane Ferguson, asked that memorials be made to Northside,” Johnson said. “We wanted to put a new steeple on the church, and we wanted to do so in memory of Doris, but we wanted to make sure that it was all right with Diane and it was.”

Johnson said the church planned to supplement the donations with the money necessary to purchase a new steeple.

“But the donations were enough,” she said. “People wanted to do something for Doris.”

The new steeple will be dedicated, and a memorial plaque will be placed in the church at a later date.

The Rev. Wes Hatcher, church pastor, said hope was that, when the steeple was replaced, that the old church bell would be found in the bell tower.

“I can remember ‘riding’ on the rope to ring the bell when I was a boy,” he said. “Years ago, the bell was not secure and could have fallen, so it was taken down. We were hoping that it had been left up in the bell tower, but it wasn’t.”

The new steeple is a beautiful addition to the church, and it almost dwarfs the three-foot steeple that it replaced.

“We are proud to have the new steeple and appreciate those who made it possible,” Hatcher said.