Project takes ‘God’s love’ to Kyrgyz Mountain

Published 6:06 pm Thursday, August 13, 2009

Former Pike County resident, Dr. Vickie Blair, is the founder of Project Kyrghyzstan, a non-profit organization seeking to provide educational and medical help to the people of Kyrghyzstan, a republic of the former Soviet Union, located in Central Asia just west of China.

Blair has spent the summer in the Tien Shen, Kyrgyz Mountains of Naryn working with a group of Kyrgyz ecologist who are “intent on preserving their mountains and their endangered leopards.”

“These ecologists also maintain a controlled breeding program for deer,” Blair said in a written correspondence. “My team had arranged this time in the mountains, feeling it may be a good contact for our future veterinary project. They were right. These ecologists have received us warmly and now we are making plans for ways Project Kyrghyzstan may be of future help to them.”

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Blair said, for a start, in November, Project Kyrghyzstan will supply the team of 25 rangers with uniforms, a set for winter and a set for summer.

“When we met, I couldn’t help but notice their rubber sandaled feet, pants threadbare in places and misshapen T-shirts. When I suggested uniforms for them all, their faces lit up and one of them shyly asked, ‘Will we have real boots and wool socks?’ I assured them that real boots and wool socks would be a part of the package.

“We talked of other needs, vaccines they have or don’t have, how they treat wounds and, when I asked about lab equipment, the director said that a microscope is only a dream. And, I told them that we had one for them. They seemed astonished.”

Blair said she was asked, “Why are you doing this? Is it because you love animals?”

“I told them, no, it was because I love Jesus and He loves animals and He loves you deeply,” Blair said. “They stared for a moment and shook their heads in amazement.”

As the days passed, Blair said a sense of deepening trust was forged between the Project Kyrghyzstan team members and the ecologists.

“I feel extremely excited at the opportunity to share the love of God with these people, who are, indeed, an ‘unreached’ group,’” she said. “Once again, I am truly amazed at our wonderful Heavenly Father and how creative He is in providing opportunities to share the truth of his Son.”

Blair said she never “in all my days” dreamed of a veterinary project to share Jesus in the mountains of Central Asia.

“I ask for prayers as our team continues to make contacts and as we proceed to share the love of our Father through friendship, evangelism, uniforms, bandages and a microscope. At present, the door is wide open for us in places where vast persecution is taking place against Christians from Islamic factions. What an amazing God we serve.”

For more information about Project Kyrghyzstan or to contact Blair, write Project Kyrghyzstan, P.O. Box 6737, Banks, AL 36005.