Coloring contest winners named

Published 6:16 pm Thursday, July 23, 2009

For Sh’ana Lee and Todd Bradley, it was the luck of the draw that made them winners of the Kirby Kangaroo Coloring Contest.

“Both Sh’ana and Todd did an outstanding job and we are proud to recognize them as the winners of the coloring contest,” Metzger said.

The contest was sponsored by the Army Aviation Federal Credit Union as part of its educational outreach program.

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Lisa Hales, vice president of marketing for Army Aviation Federal Credit Union, and Ben Bradley, business development officer Troy Branch, represented Army Aviation and congratulated the winners.

“We certainly want to thank Army Aviation for its commitment to community and to young people,” Metzger said.

“And, we want to also thank them for the strong support and help that they have shown to the Johnson Center.”

In an effort to support Army Aviation’s outreach program to young people, the Johnson Center partnered with the federal credit union in sponsoring the Kirby Kangaroo Coloring Contest.

Kirby encourages young people to begin now saving for their future.

Hales said she was pleased with the response to the contest.

“The response was good and we are always interested and involved in educational activities for young people,” she said.

Sh’ana will be a seventh grader at Banks Middle School this year and Todd will be a third grader at Banks Primary School. Sh’ana received a Nintendo DX and game and Todd received a miniature Troy University football helmet signed by Coach Larry Blakeney and four tickets to the Trojans’ opening home football game.