Girl puts on squeeze to help others

Published 9:54 pm Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alexandria Seirafi had a quick and simply answer as to why she was braving the heat of a sweltering July day to do something for little faceless kids.

“I want to do something for children that have to come to the hospital,” she said. “I want to help them. With the money that I earn from my lemonade stand, I’ll buy some video games for them to play while they’re here.”

Alexandria set up a lemonade stand Wednesday at Troy Regional Medical Center, where her dad, Dr. Reza Seirafi, is a surgeon.

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“I’ve only been in the hospital one time,” Alexandria said. “I was walking backward on the diving board and I slipped and fell and hurt my arm and had to go to the hospital. I was scared.”

Alexandria was familiar with hospitals because her dad is a doctor. She realized that if she was afraid that other children who have no experience around hospitals must “really be afraid.”

So she decided to do something that would help ease their fears and what better way making video games or other games available to them.

Alexandria made the lemonade herself “by squeezing the powder out of the can,” her mom, Trudie, laughed and said. “But we put sliced lemons in to make it more authentic.”

Alexandria had mom’s help making the brownies she had for sale but she made the ham sandwiches all by herself. “I wanted to make $50 but I’ve already made more than that,” Alexandria said with a broad smile that widened as more customers approached the stand.”

Alexandria is a fifth-grader at Pike Liberal Arts School. She likes reading but would is not as excited about math, except when she adding dollars to help little kids who have to spend time in the hospital.