Bright makes stop at Buy Rite

Published 8:00 pm Monday, June 29, 2009

Around 50 people were on hand at the Banks Buy Rite for a meet-and-greet with District 2 Congressman Bobby Bright, the latest in Bright’s “Congress on your Corner” series of town visits.

Bright said he felt these types of visits were important to the Democratic process.

“This is what I think our forefathers meant for us to be and for us to do is to go out and meet the people,” Bright said. “This is a two-year congressional position and the timeframe was built to make sure that we stay humble and stay responsive to the people.”

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Bright said the personal connection with the people is something that has been lost in politics.

“For too long, we’ve not complied with that,” Bright said. “We have not honored that intent of our forefathers. As the congressman of District 2, I hope to reverse that and start pouring out and meeting with the good people like we did here in Banks.”

Bright was also surprised by the outcome for the event.

“I drove up, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many folks standing out here in the heat waiting for their congressman,” Bright said.

Among those in attendance was a group of women from a local Republican club.

“That means a great deal,” Bright said. “I think that means people are finally realizing that what I say is what I mean.”

Bright said the encouragement from members of the opposing party was a sign he was doing his job correctly.

“Had I not been a true representative of District 2, they would not have been here today,” Bright said. “But they were here. Not only were they here, but also they were encouraging me to continue doing what I’ve been doing, and that is voting the views of the vast majority of the people in District 2.”

Bright said he held these events so he could openly communicate with the people of District 2 and that they all seem to want similar things.

“They want the federal government to quit spending all this money that they see us spending, and they tell me that in no uncertain term,” Bright said.

“They want us to support our troops, and they want us to look at healthcare. Social security is also an issue.

“But, first and foremost, they want us to stabilize the economy and to do that by helping to stop wasteful spending.”