Proration puts end to summer camps

Published 10:35 pm Thursday, June 18, 2009

Studying doesn’t seem to be how many children would chose to spend their summer days.

But surprisingly that has been a trend for many of Troy City Schools’ students who have attended Summer Science Camps in the last years.

In the midst of harsh economic cuts, though, that’s something students won’t be doing this year.

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Troy City Schools Superintendent Linda Felton-Smith said with the state’s highest proration in 48 years, some tough choices had to be made.

“We transferred funds to help make up for shortfall of revenue from the state,” Felton-Smith said.

The programs were traditionally held for two weeks each summer at Charles Henderson Middle School and Troy Elementary School.

CHMS Principal Chresal Threadgill and TES Principal Geoffery Spann said the programs were well attended at each school.

Threadgill said there are typically around 70 students at the middle school program, and Spann said the program for the elementary school fills each year with a waiting list of students.

Felton-Smith said the school system had to pay teachers to run the program, as well as purchase its supplies.

“It was an opportunity parents and teachers looked forward to in the summer,” Felton-Smith said. “But, when you’re dealing with financial matters, you have to look at what you can do.”

Felton-Smith said she isn’t sure exactly how long the program has been a part of Troy City Schools, but she said it was at least 15 years.

Felton-Smith said while this is something that had to happen now, she hopes the school system can bring the program back in the future.

“I hope in the future funds will be available.”