Brundidge library on hold

Published 10:56 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plans to renovate the Brundidge library appear to be slowing, this coming after City Manager Brit Thomas told the Brundidge City Council the plans in place were not sufficient.

Thomas said he met with a contractor who informed him the plans did not include enough space in the building.

“He told me he could not get everything into the building that he needed to, and we need to have another meeting with the library board,” Thomas said. “He said he could not give me an estimate right now.”

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The council had initially budgeted approximately $300,000 for the project, but now it appears as if that amount may not be enough to complete the project.

“We need to see if we can do it for that and if we can’t, we need to see if the council wants to put more into it,” Thomas said.

The original plans called for a 1,600 square foot facility, but Thomas said the most recent plans called for a 3,152 square foot building.

While plans for the library may be on hold, the city appears to be going forward with plans to apply for stimulus money from the state of Alabama.

The stimulus money is intended to be used on roads, and the city already has a plan to resurface Veteran’s Boulevard should it receive the stimulus money.

Money for road improvement is on the way, regardless of the status of the stimulus application.

“We have a bond that will mature in May of 2010 and another that will mature not too long after that, so when it comes time to do the budgets for 2010 and especially 2011, you’re going to have a substantial amount of money to spend on roads,” Thomas said.