Pike County 4-H’ers shine at district roundup

Published 8:52 pm Saturday, June 13, 2009

Every student in Pike County of 4-H Club age, had an opportunity to participate in the 2009 4-H District Roundup at Troy University on June 11 and 12.

And, every school in Pike County was represented and every club.

“That says a lot about the tremendous job that our teachers and principals are doing,” said Tammy Powell, Pike County Extension coordinator. “I’m so appreciative of their support of our 4-H Club program. They make it go.”

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Powell also gave credit for the interest in and the long and continuing success of the Pike County 4-H program to the parents and grandparents of the 4-H Club members.

“Their parents and grandparents are great encouragers and supporters, and this family involvement plays a huge role in the success of our program,” she said.

And, then there are the 4-H’ers themselves.

Powell said she couldn’t say enough about the 4-H’ers and their dedication and commitment to the program.

“We have outstanding 4-H’ers – the best anywhere,” she said. “We were well represented at the District Roundup, and they are all to be congratulated. They were already winners, and they showed why, They all did a good job with the different activities and, too, this was a learning experience for them.

“They were both motivated and inspired by our guest speaker, Lt. Col. Chris Shannon, who is in charge of the Air Force ROTC at Troy University. And, we celebrated the Centennial of 4-H with a dance and swimming, and I can say for sure that all the Pike County 4-H’ers had a good time.”

The 47 Pike County participants and winners are to be congratulated on a job well done and on their outstanding representation of the 4-H program in general and the Pike County clubs specifically.

Each competition had four age levels of participation, junior (ages 9-11), intermediate (ages 12-13), senior level one (ages 14-15) and senior level 2 (ages 16-19).

Congratulations to the following winners in their age levels:

Alabama Quilters: Meredity Gramley, first place, and Elizabeth Gates, second.

Bicycle: Nathan Webb, first, and Josh Graham, second.

Blocks Rock: Lauren Johnson, first; Devon Corbitt, first; Alisha Whitaker, first; and Dalton Earles, third.

Chef 4-H: Diamond Adams, third.

Chicken Que: Jabob Bensinger, first; Chelsea Kelly, first; and Stephen Eagen, second.

extreme Birdhouse: Rachel Freeman, first; Nick McLendon, first; and Stephanie Brewer, second.

Fashion Revue: Sarah Webb, first.

FreeStyle Demonstration: Sarah Smothers, first, and Morgan DuBose, first.

FreeStyle Showcase (Exhibit): Dresden Green, first.

Have I Got a Story: Lindsay Lee, first; Candice Harvey, first; and Haley Jordan, second.

Healthy Living for Life Exhibit: Heidi Collier, first; Robbie Calk, second; and Alex Childs, second.

Junior Baked Food Exhibit: Zack Calhoun, first, and Thomas Smothers, second.

Compact Tractor, James McLendon, first, and Braxton Stewart, third.

Project Green Thumb: Kristofer Jordan, first, Cailtin Sexton, first; and Chelsley Holland, third.

Speak Up Alabama – Informative: Meagan Johnson, first; Quintarrius Upshaw, first; and Elaina Strother, second.

Speak Up Alabama-Persuasive: Krishna Patel, first, and Lisa Baugh, first.

The $15 Challenge: Emily Melton, first, and Joel Webb, first.

The World I Imagine (Altered Photography): Samantha Kitchens, first; Colton Johnson, second; and Lynze Price, second.

The World I See (Traditional Photography): Katie Carter, first; Morgan Graham, second; and Ryan Singleton, third.

Congratulations to all 4-H’ers who participated in the 2009 4-H District Roundup:

Banks School: Dalton Earles, Blocks Rock and Ryan Singleton—The World I See (Traditional Photography).

Covenant Christian School: Meredith Gramley, Alabama Quilters; Thomas Smothers, junior Baked Foods; Lauren Johnson, Blocks Rock: Sarah Smothers, Freestyle Demonstration and Megan Johnson, Speak Up Alabama and Informative Public Speaking.

Charles Henderson Middle School, Zack Calhoun, Junior Baked Foods; Diamond Adams, Chef 4-H; Jacob Bensinger, Chicken-Que; Kristofer Jordan, Project Green Thumb; Krishna Patel, Speak Up Alabama and Persuasive Public Speaking; and Lisa Baugh, Speak Up Alabama and Persuasive Public Speaking.

Charles Henderson High School: Elizabeth Gates, Alabama Quilters; Chelsea Kelly, Chicken-Que; Dresden Green, FreeStyle Showcase exhibit; Caitlin Sexton, Project Green Thumb; Quintarrius Upshaw, Speak Up Alabama and Informative Public Speaking; Samantha Kitchens, The World I Imagine; and Emily Melton–$15.00 Challenge.

Goshen Elementary School: Braxton Stewart, Compact Tractor Driving; Colton Johnson, The World I Imagine (altered photography); and Sage Outlaw—What Wood U Build? (wood science exhibit).

Goshen High School: Nick McLendon, eXtreme Birdhouse; Alisha Whitaker, Blocks Rock; Alex Childs, Healthy Living for Life (exhibit); James McLendon, Compact Tractor Driving; and Lynze Price, The World I Imagine (altered photography).

Home School 4-H Club: Rachel Freeman, eXtreme Birdhouse; Stephanie Brewer, eXtreme Birdhouse; Sarah Webb, Fashion Revue; Haley Jordan, Have I Got A Story; Heidi Collier, Healthy Living for Life (exhibit); Katie Carter, The World I See (traditional photography); Joel Webb–$15.00 Challenge; and Nathan Webb—Bicycle.

Pike County 4-H Council: Devon Corbitt, Blocks Rock.

Pike County Elementary School: Chelsey Holland, Project Green Thumb.

Pike County High School: Stephpen Eagen, Chicken Que and Candice Harvey, Have I Got A Story.

Pike Liberal Arts: Josh Graham, Bicycle; Morgan Dubose, FreeStyle Demonstration; Robbie Calk. Healthy Living For Life (exhibit), Elaina Strother, Speak Up Alabama and Informative Public Speaking; and Morgan Graham, The World I See (traditional photography).

Troy Elementary School: Jon Baugh, Chicken-Que and Lindsay Lee—Have I Got A Story.

The participating Pike County Schools and the number of 4-H clubs at each school are Banks School, seven; Charles Henderson Middle School, two; Charles Henderson High School, one; Covenant Christian School, one; Goshen Elementary School, 10; Goshen High School, two; Home School 4-H Club, one; New Life Christian Academy, one; Pike County 4-H Council, one; Pike County Elementary School, 10; Pike County High School, one; Pike Liberal Arts School, seven; Troy Elementary School, 14; Livestock 4-H Club, one and Horse 4-H Club, one.