Changes approved for Oak Park Subdivision

Published 10:30 pm Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Oak Park Subdivision, to be built on Elba Highway, had a small change made to its plans Thursday.

The Troy Planning Commission approved the changing of the size of both the rear yard and side yard set backs in some of the blocks.

The set backs were originally planned to be 20 feet in both the rear and side yards, but will now be 10 feet instead.

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Larry Brooking of Northstar Engineering said the change was a necessary one.

“The lawyers wanted that 10 feet to be common property, unbeknownst to me,” Brooking said. “We are 10 feet closer to the road than we need to be and it is creating problems.”

The change should not be a problem for residents. Brooking said residents would still have space for guests to park.

“Most people can park in the front, but you can stack a few in the rear if you need to,” Brooking said.

The front of the lots will be available for guest parking, as the garages for the residents will be in the rear of the lots.

“We have the garages in back because if you put the garage on the front, then all you have is a front door and a garage door,” Brooking said. “This way, you can have a porch and a couple of nice windows.”

The Commission also approved the creation of four new residential lots on Enzor Road, between Parks Place and the eastern boundary of the Troy Sportsplex.

While the lots have been approved, no plans for construction have been made.

“All we’re doing is subdividing it and selling it,” said Charles Botts of Botts & Ray, Inc.