Spend $20 on the 20th

Published 10:00 pm Monday, May 18, 2009

Pike County business owners are hoping customers will spend a little bit more tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the May 20, bringing with it The Messenger’s $20 on the 20th challenge.

The goal of the challenge is to encourage as many local residents as possible to go out and spend $20 at a local business.

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With the current economic crisis seen across the country, the $20 on the 20th challenge could be a big help for Pike County businesses.

“If people go out and participate and spend $20 on the 20th, I really think it can make a good impact all over town,” said Bryan Freeman, manager of Radio Shack in Troy. “Hopefully, people will pay attention to it and support it.”

Piggly Wiggly manager Steve Garrett agreed the challenge could be positive for local businesses.

“If everybody in the county went out and spent $20, that would have a huge impact. It would definitely help the local economy,” Garrett said.

The $20 on the 20th challenge reaches beyond just one day, however.

Some businesses are hopeful the challenge could bring in new customers who will continue to come back in the future.

“It would definitely be nice to have the traffic. We have a couple of sales coming up, so it would be huge to get the traffic through here to make them aware of that,” said Pepper’s Papers manager Lisa Michael. “As far as the $20 goes, that would just be a nice encouragement.”

While many may consider $20 to be too little money to make an actual difference, many local businesses disagree.

“Just that $20 can make a world of difference,” Garrett said. “If just the few people that come through all spend $20, it would make a big difference. It could have a nice impact in the community.”

With the current economic state, the seemingly insignificant purchases of $20 take on more importance than usual.

While business owners realize the importance of the $20 on the 20th challenge, they also realize the success of the challenge will depend upon their customers’ willingness to participate.

“Hopefully, people will support it and help make a difference. It would help out every body all over town and add to the tax dollars,” Freeman said. “I just think it can have a really good impact.”