Troy City Plan up for final vote

Published 10:28 pm Thursday, May 7, 2009

Questions ranging from where to build new streets, parks and housing to how to grow downtown and recruit new businesses will all be answered in Troy’s long-rang city plan.

That of course, is if it meets approval at the Tuesday Troy City Council meeting.

The approval will be the final step for the Comprehensive Community Master Plan, which has been in the works for more than a year.

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If passed, no components of the plan will begin immediately, but it will stand as a guide for the overall future development of the city.

“It’s important that there is an overall general plan in place that will guide the respective planning board, building officials and planning staff — it’s a guide for the future development of the community,” said Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

Implementing this type of plan is something Council President Johnny Witherington said is vital for structured growth.

“You’ve got to not only look at what’s happening now but more importantly have to look out in the future and see what our needs for the future are,” Witherington said. “It’s just crucial we do that now so this plan can be implemented.”

The plan has already met approval from the Planning Commission but only after several steering committee meetings, public hearings and drafts. Witherington and Lunsford both said they are ready to pass it, as well.

“It’s really just a formality now for the city to make it pass,” Witherington said.

Lunsford said the plan addresses all aspects of the community — transportation, zoning, greenspace, tourism and university growth are just a few.

And, while it’s a plan Lunsford said will likely not please everyone in the city, it will benefit the overall growth.

“Everyone of us can go find a specific block or area we may have a different feeling about,” Lunsford said. “I think it’s overall —with the number of reviews gone through, the input taken from quite a few people through the community and the professionals we hired assist us with it — a very good plan.”

Now, Lunsford said the city’s planners are working off of a plan was drafted in 1980.

“I think the plan in affect done in the 80s is just totally out of date, and right now, they look at the area and determine how the city is growing,” Lunsford said.

This plan, Lunsford said, will help officials decide what is good for long-range growth.