Schools preparing, keeping close watch on swine flu

Published 10:50 pm Thursday, April 30, 2009

With three probable swine flu cases in Alabama, local school superintendents aren’t taking any chances.

From disinfectant to memorandums, these officials said they are not taking potential swine flu outbreaks lightly.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Linda Felton-Smith said all classrooms in the school system have been supplied with disinfectants, foggers have been used to kill germs and fliers have been put up around schools reminding students and faculty to wash their hands frequently.

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In addition, school nurses have been informed what to do should anyone within the schools display swine flu symptoms.

Pike County Schools is taking a similar approach.

“Right now, what we’re doing is we have staff attending various briefings taking place, and we’re following the different recommendations they’ve made to us,” said Pike County Schools Superintendent Mark Bazzell.

Bazzell said school nurses are following a Flu Assessment Algorithm to watch for any possible signs of swine flu.

Both schools have also cancelled all sporting events until at least Tuesday, as mandated by the Alabama High School Athletic Association Wednesday night.

“We did have a number of teams that would have been competing this weekend,” Felton-Smith said. “The schedule will start back around Tuesday.”

Felton-Smith said in addition, Troy City Schools has cancelled all field trips for the remainder of the week, but they will be rescheduled before the school year ends.

Bazzell and Felton-Smith said they did not anticipate any other activities besides sporting events to be cancelled for health concerns.

The State Health Officer Don Williamson said Thursday night a Montgomery woman has been diagnosed with a probable case of swine flu.

The woman was being treated at a Montgomery hospital and is recovering at home. She has not recently traveled to Mexico, reported the Associated Press.

Daily briefings will continue to be held by the state on swine flu cases across Alabama.

*The Associated Press contributed to this report.