Band of Brothers

Published 10:06 pm Saturday, April 25, 2009


Troy, Ala.—the city of brotherly love.

That may not be the city’s official slogan, but it sure works for a group of boys on the Pike Liberal Arts School baseball team.

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Four sets of brothers are currently on the Patriots’ varsity roster.

Senior Bradley Floyd is joined by his freshman brother Blake.

Junior Justin McLaughlin and freshman Nick McLaughlin are another pair.

Logan (junior) and Lawson (freshman) Stewart along with Will (junior) and Josh (freshman) Starling comprise the other two sets.

Each boy said he liked playing with his sibling.

“This is the first opportunity I’ve had to play with him,” said Will Starling.

“I really enjoy playing with him,” he added.

The playoffs have provided most of the brothers the chance to play together for the first time.

All of the younger siblings were listed on the JV roster at the beginning of the year.

Some of the big brothers remind their little brothers of their seniority.

“I enjoy playing with my brother, because I like bossing him around,” said Bradley Floyd.

Although Bradley says he enjoys bossing his little brother, Blake, around, Blake gives a lot of the commands on the field.

In last night’s second game, Bradley stepped onto the mound to pitch to his brother Blake, who started at catcher.

Being the responsibility of the catcher, making the pitch selection was primarily controlled by little brother.

“I really enjoy throwing to him,” said Bradley Floyd.

Bradley insisted he was still able to boss his brother around due to the fact that he could always shake a pitch off.

In last night’s game, there were only a couple of instances where big brother and little brother did not agree on a pitch.

Even though all of the boys said they do not rag each other about their individual performances, one can assume otherwise.

“I just really enjoy playing with him,” said Justin McLaughlin.

In game one of the series against Monroe Academy, Justin McLaughlin had two hits, while little brother Nick went one for one at the plate.

In the second game, Bradley Floyd pitched well against the Monroe Senators while Blake Floyd scored two runs from the No. 8 slot in the lineup.

The Stewart brothers, like the others, said they also try to refrain from ribbing each other.

Logan Stewart simply said that he enjoys the opportunity to play with his little brother Lawson.

In all, eight of the 20 players on the PLAS roster “enjoy the opportunity” to play with their brothers.

Forty percent of the team plays with a brother.

Yet the brothers claim zero percent sibling rivalry.

Putting all joking aside, Bradley Floyd said one of the biggest things a big brother could ever say.

“I don’t lie,” said Bradley Floyd.

“My little brother is better than me,” he added.

Apparently it really is all about brotherly love with these guys.

PLAS, and all its brothers, will take on the winner of the Monroe Academy and Lee-Scott series next week in the second round of the AISA playoffs.