Johnson shows promise

Published 9:45 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Colton Johnson went to Scott Farms near Henderson Tuesday afternoon to pick up a bag of FRM feed but he came home with more than he bargained for.

Mack Scott, owner and operator of Scott Farms, presented the Goshen Elementary School fifth grade student with a plaque in recognition of his outstanding ability as a young “cattleman.”

Colton was recognized at the 2009 Pike County Steer and Heifer Show for having the steer with the highest daily weight gain of 3.5 pounds. Other than being proud of Colton for his commitment and dedication to the Pike County 4-H steer and heifer program, Scott was also proud that Colton had chosen to feed “Little John” FRM Show Gold steer and heifer feed.

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“The usual daily weight gain is around two pounds,” Scott said. “Winning the award for the highest daily weight gain shows that Colton took good care of his steer and made sure that he was fed properly and that he was fed good feed. That award is one of the biggest awards at a steer and heifer show and we wanted to show our appreciation to Colton for his hard work.” Little John was the second steer that Colton has shown and the pair came into the Pike County show having won first place in the show in Autauga.

“Little John kind of jerked me around in the Pike County show but I think it was because I had on a red shirt,” Colton said. “I’d never worn a red shirt around him before.”

But it could have been because Little John didn’t have enough time to settle down before it was his turn in the arena. “Now Little John’s gone,” Colton said. “He went to the butcher.”

For many youngsters, losing a year of hard work and brown-eyed friend to the butcher might be a bit traumatic. Colton admitted that he was sad for a while but realized that’s what raising beef cattle is all about.

“I got Little John from Michael Goodson and I’ve already got my calves for the next season from him,” Colton said. “I got a steer and a heifer, Frisco and Kitty, and I’m already working with them. Every day I feed and water them and I’m starting to get them halter broke for shows. I like showing calves because I like animals. I’ve got dogs and horses, too. And, I like them but showing calves in a real challenge and that’s fun.” Colton is looking forward to the new challenge of raising and showing a heifer along with a steer.

“I’ll be able to keep the heifer and breed her and that way I can start my own herd,” he said, with a smile. “But the steers will go to market.” Already, Colton is talking like a real cattleman.