Man seeking local help in finding wife

Published 8:40 pm Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birmingham resident Don Biggers hasn’t had much luck in a more than yearlong search for his missing wife. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to quit.

After 52-year-old Pam Biggers, of Birmingham, went missing during a Panama City, Fla. business trip last year, Don has been searching as far as Ohio in hopes of finding his bride and bringing her home.

The incident was reported to the Bay County Sheriff’s Department on Jan. 28, 2008, when Pam’s co-worker found the hotel room empty with all of her belongings.

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“She checked in on the 27th, and I talked to her around 5:30 p.m. She and Brenda (her co-worker) were going to eat, but instead they decided to go to the local Wal-Mart and get something,” Biggers said. “She entered the room at 7:02 p.m., and that’s the last anyone’s seen or heard from her.”

Police found her room with all her personal items, but there was no evidence of foul play.

“Everything was in the room in place,” Biggers said. “The bed sheets were turned like she had been sitting on the bed, possibly reading a book she brought with her.”

Now, Biggers has come to Troy after Troy Regional Medical Center employees told him they may have seen his wife a few weeks back.

No one by the name of Pam Biggers was entered in the hospital system, but Don said his wife could have used a different name, since she may be suffering from a mental condition.

Her mental state is what officers have said may be the cause of her disappearance.

“It’s just a mystery to us. We haven’t had any solid leads from day one,” Biggers said.

Pam Biggers is described as about 5 feet, 8 inches, weighing 135 pounds, with grey hair and green eyes.

Biggers has asked local residents to please contact the local police department at 566-0500, the Bay County Sheriff’s Department at 850-747-4700 or the 24-hour CUE Center for Missing Persons line at 910-232-1687 if they may have seen Pam traveling through the area.

“All I’m asking is if it’s possible my wife has come to Troy and someone may have seen her to please call,” Biggers said. “That’s what it’s going to take to find my wife.”

Biggers is offering a $20,000 reward.