Lady Eagles defeat alumni

Published 8:19 pm Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goshen High softball alumni came back Saturday to take on the 2009 Lady Eagles in a game to benefit the softball team. The 2009 Lady Eagles clinched a 4-2 win over the alumni.

Lady Eagles Coach Dee Hughes said the game would become an annual event.

“This was our first annual ‘alumni versus the current Lady Eagles’ game. This is definitely something we are going to continue to do,” Hughes said. “We were all about having fun and laughing today, it was a very relaxed atmosphere.”

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Hughes said the majority of the alumni team was made up of the 2006 team.

“In 2005, the girls lost a teammate. Heather West was our pitcher, and she died during her junior year,” Hughes said. “Because of that, the 2005-2006 team became very close. They were close before that tragedy, but after that, they were completely bonded.”

Ashley Daniels, a 2005 graduate, said she was honored to be asked to play in the alumni game.

“I’m honored they invited me back. Softball is instrumental in building character, and I care very much about the Lady Eagles,” Daniels said. “It feels good to be back with my teammates. It’s like we never left one another.”

Daniels said she realized time has taken its toll on her.

“I have realized today, while playing these girls, that I’m not nearly as young as I used to be. I’m the oldest Alumni here today,” she said, with a laugh. “I can’t run nearly as quickly as I used to, but I have loved being here. It feels great to be doing something I enjoy and helping a team that I love.”

Ashley Tarver, a current player for the Lady Eagles, said she looked up to the alumni as role models.

“It’s really great that we get to play the teams from the past. I definitely view them as role models,” Tarver said. “I know that I want to come back and play as an alumni.”

Goshen Mayor Jack Waller was the umpire for the game, and Billy Rathel kept the crowd laughing as he told short stories over the loudspeaker about each girl as she came up to bat.

In addition to the softball game, proceeds from a cow patty drop game will benefit the Lady Eagles.

Janie Waller explained the concept of the cow patty drop.

“Basically we paint numbered squares on the grass and put a fence around the squares. Then, we sold the squares for $5 each to participants,” Waller said. “We put the cow in the fence and whoever’s square he ‘drops a patty on’ is the winner of a gift basket. All proceeds from the cow patty drop went directly to the team.”

The Lady Eagles earned a little over $1,300 from the proceeds of the game and the cow patty drop. Hughes said the money would help the team with the costs of equipment and uniforms.

“We just got new uniforms this year, so the money is going to help us pay for them,” she said. “We plan on using the money to pay for the things we need, such as equipment. I’m glad that the day went well.”