Residents gather to protest taxes

Published 7:59 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday was a day many across the country flocked to their local post offices to file taxes just in time.

Wednesday was also a day many gathered outside Troy City Hall to protest that very act.

Residents from all around Pike County joined a peaceful protest in front of the city building, in efforts to join a nationwide movement in opposition of federal spending and higher taxes.

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“We’re wanting our America back,” said Brian Pullin, local organizer for the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party. “We want to see it go back to ‘We the People.’”

Joining thousands across the country, Pullin and several other locals, while they did pay their federal taxes, held signs, flags and discussions in hopes of making their voices heard.

“I don’t like our taxation system,” said Bruel Davis, of Brundidge. “I understand tax is necessary, but we don’t have to overspend.”

Residents gathered heard speeches from some guest speakers, including Troy University finance professor Robert Earl Stewart and Southside Baptist Pastor Bo Weed.

“You can not borrow yourself out of debt,” Stewart said at the protest.

Stewart said overspending in the federal budget comes only at the expense of the American people.

“There’s no such thing as government money. It is ours,” Stewart said. “For some reason or another they can not bring themselves to cut spending.”

Weed, though a local pastor, said he did not come to the TEA Party Wednesday as a representative of the church only.

“I come as a concerned citizen,” Weed said. “We’ve got Congress writing checks where there’s no money in the bank. We’ve got to stop the madness.”

Weed encouraged those gathered to not end their protest at city hall Wednesday.

“We have to call our congressmen, write them, write the Obama administration—let your voices be heard,” Weed said.

And at least to Pike County’s Congressman Bobby Bright, that message was heard.

“I sure support every one of them,” said Bright, who voted against the economic bailout and the President’s proposed budget. “I think we’ve got enough tax on them already. I support keeping taxes under control and as little as we can.”

Pullin said anyone who wishes to receive information on TEA Party aftermath or other future events can e-mail him at or call 434-0005.