Bright spends day in local store

Published 12:05 am Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whether they were looking for assistance with health care or just wondering what life is like in Washington D.C., Brundidge residents found answers at Dollar General Friday afternoon.

In an effort to meet constituents, U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright, D-Ala., held his 12th “Congress on Your Corner” event in Brundidge on Friday afternoon.

And from a group of local high school students to law enforcement officials to everyday Brundidge residents, people came out in numbers to visit Bright outside the local business.

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“It was very interesting and eye opening to meet him,” said Candace Harvey, a senior in a Pike County High School government class. “It’s always good to talk to representatives and to know that they care about their constituents.”

First, Bright answered questions from students about life in Washington and bills he has pushed through the floor.

A member of the armed services, agriculture and small business committees, Bright told students he was the first freshman congressman to pass a bill providing incentives to small businesses to purchase more equipment. The bill became part of the federal stimulus package with no changes.

Though Bright did not support the bailout, he said he is working to ensure residents of the second congressional district receive their share of funding.

“I sent a letter to all cities, and on my Web site I broke down the different categories,” Bright said. “I told people to go and see the areas of the stimulus they might have a project or need for and have encouraged them to go ahead and apply for those.”

The Congress on Your Corner event was also an opportunity for residents to meet caseworkers from the district offices, who can assist with needs like social security, Medicare or other health care inquiries.